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How To Make A Business Case For Data Investment

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    Are data investment proposals falling on deaf ears or seen as high cost with little benefit? Stop trying to educate the business on what technology can do and how it will improve IT's total cost of ownership (TCO). Transform your data investment proposal into a business proposal that demonstrates impact to the overall bottom line. Enterprise and data architects need to up their game by engaging in discussions to understand more than broad business strategy. They need to partner and collaborate with line-of-business managers and executives to understand business plans, activities, and outcomes at the business-unit level. This report guides enterprise and data architects to use design thinking to solve business challenges.
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    • CIO Goals And Priorities Can Conflict With The Business Big Picture
    • The Business Case For Data Investment Is Outside Of IT
    • Use Design Thinking To Engage The Business

      Data Management Can Catapult The Business Forward
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