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How To Make Connected TVs The Future Of TV – A Digital Home Report

US Connected TV Forecast, 2010 To 2015

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    Connected TVs are all the rage. Every TV maker features connectivity in the top half of their lineup, and major retailers have committed to only sell connected TVs by as soon as 2011. Despite this enthusiasm from the supply side, there is no corresponding consumer outcry for connected TVs. This poses a problem for TV product strategists: Making and selling connected TVs does little good if people don't actually use them. So while our forecast for penetration of these TVs is optimistic — a third of US homes will have one by year-end 2015 — we recommend that TV product strategists and marketers work hard to make connected TVs worth buying and using. Built and marketed properly, these TVs can create new consumer experiences that programmers will value and advertisers will sponsor.
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    • Connected TVs Are A Big Deal, At Least To Those Who Make Them
    • Connected TVs Will Reach A Third Of Homes By 2015

      TV Product Strategists: It's Finally Time To Believe In Interactivity

      If TV Interactivity Is Finally Here, Everyone Will Want In
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