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    As governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs mature, the return on investment (ROI) risk professionals drive from committed resources to GRC are drawing increasing levels of attention from executives and budgetary decision-makers. The problem is not a lack of value, but rather a lack of parameters with which you demonstrate relative costs and benefits. This report details the essential elements of cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk that will allow risk professionals to explain the value of a GRC program. It explains how to go beyond basic costs justifications like compliance mandates and efficiency advantages to present a vision for how GRC efforts improve the business through better governance, ethical behavior, and performance. This report was originally published on January 24, 2013; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
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    • The GRC Business Case Helps When Executive Support Falls Short
    • Estimate The ROI By Considering Cost, Benefit, Flexibility, And Risk
    • Keep Attention Focused On GRC Vision And Corporate Performance

      Apply A Similar Framework Whether It's GRC Process Or Technology
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