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How To Prepare For Mobile Total Product Experiences

Designing For Mobile In The Era Of Experience

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    Mobile is the most transformational technology since the Internet. The phone has evolved from a single-purpose handset offering telephony services over copper wires to a wireless handheld computer with hundreds of thousands of applications. The transformation, however, has only just begun. Innovative technologies will fundamentally alter what a mobile phone can do in the next few years and will continue to disconnect the phone from the PC experience it resembles today. Consumer product strategists must embrace mobile as a new digital and connected medium for enhancing the customer's product and service experience throughout their journey from marketing through to ownership.
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    • Mobile Is Neither A Telephone Nor A Mini PC
    • The Next Era: The Mobile Total Product Experience
    • Mobile Will Enhance Every Aspect Of The Product Experience

      Embrace Mobile As A Total Product Experience Or Prepare For Irrelevancy
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