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How To Reach High-Income Consumers In France

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    High-income earners only account for a small portion of the French population. That makes it challenging for marketing leaders to reach this desirable group of consumers. To assess the most relevant media combination to engage with these French high-income earners, we've applied our media allocation tool (MAT) methodology. What's the most relevant media mix for a high consideration product such as a consumer electronics good for a marketing leader who has prioritized driving brand preference? Social media emerges as one of the most relevant "media" to include in the mix, alongside magazines, word of mouth, and brand Web sites.
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    • French High-Income Earners: Desirable But Hard To Get
    • Drive Consumer-Centric Media Strategies To Reach Higher Earners
    • Integrate Marketing Channels To Connect To High-Income Consumers

      Make Online A Central Medium, And Use It Well
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