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How To Regain Travelers' Loyalty

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    Forrester data reveals that travel brand loyalty has decreased by 19% since 2006. Leisure travelers in 2008 have every reason to be disloyal. Why? More travel products and options for travelers to choose from, virtually no incentives for travelers to remain loyal, and increased transparency from travel-focused social media sites like TripAdvisor. Nevertheless, brand-loyal leisure travelers are still an attractive audience for travel marketers and brand strategists to pursue. Brand-loyal leisure travelers are smart and successful, belong to multiple travel loyalty programs, and enjoy planning and booking travel online. Marketing leadership professionals should focus on retaining current loyal travelers, winning back past loyalists, and creating strong relationships with new travelers by following the six steps outlined in this report.
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    • There Are 19% Fewer Brand-Loyal US Leisure Travelers In 2008 Than In 2006

      Look Beyond Loyalty Programs To Create Loyal Travelers
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