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How To Use The Web To Attract And Retain Individual Health Plan Membership

Forrester Exposes Glaring Lack Of Loyalty In A Highly Price-Sensitive Market

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    Individual consumers seeking health coverage are increasingly going online to find it, but today, many health insurers' Web sites are ill-prepared to turn these visitors into profitable members. Forrester estimates that the individual health insurance market stands at roughly $115 billion today and is growing. Clients have asked us: "Who are these consumers? Where are they going to research and purchase individual and family plans? And what steps should eBusiness professionals take to attract and retain individual membership?" This document uncovers the answers to these pressing questions.
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    • The Individual Market Is Not Homogeneous
    • Membership Growth Opportunities Abound With The Recently Uninsured
    • Individual Purchasers Are Easier To Please But Harder To Keep
    • On The Horizon: Four Trends That Will Raise The Competitive Stakes

      Retool And Redesign The Sales Process For Online Consumers

      Online Sales Of Individual Health Plans Will Accelerate
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