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How US Banking Customers Use Different Channels

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    The percentage of US adults who bank online has risen from 51% in 2005 to 59% today. This steady growth has changed the way customers use other channels like branches, automated teller machines (ATMs), and the phone. In addition, multichannel banking is now common among US adults: More than two-thirds use more than one channel each year, and nearly three in 10 use multiple channels monthly or more on average. eBusiness and channel strategy leaders should organize to support these multichannel bankers by right-channeling customer interactions and putting the Web at the heart of their multichannel strategy.
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    • Models & Calculators:

      Penetration, Use Frequency, And Satisfaction For Different Banking Channels

    • Models & Calculators:

      The Market Penetration, Frequency Of Use, And Satisfaction Levels Of Each Channel

    • Models & Calculators:

      Gen Xers Are The Most Likely Age Group To Multichannel Bank