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IT Infrastructure And Operations: The Next Five Years

The Cloud On IT's Horizon

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    Interest in cloud technology and cloud economics abounds. While the technology delivers immediate reductions in capital costs, Forrester believes that cloud computing's greatest benefits will come from changes to the IT technology and organizational model. The exponential expansion of technology leads to smart and smarter devices, an explosion of business services, and increased complexity for IT operations professionals. So far, IT operations has responded by adopting virtualization, increasing headcount, and automating some management processes — but this strategy is rapidly approaching its "sell by" date. In the next five years, IT operations must evolve from the present early industrial model to one similar to mass production. Cloud computing, like mass production, is based on economy of scale and automation. It has shown extensive productivity gains and appears to be the direction needed for IT operations to absorb future production requirements.
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    • Why IT Must Move To A Mass Production Form Of Industrialization
    • The Technology That Will Enable Mass Production
    • The Processes That Will Enable Mass Production
    • The People And Organizational Structures That Will Enable Mass Production

      Prepare For Mass Production

      IT Mass Production Is The Result Of A Supply-And-Demand Equation
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