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IT Will Skip Windows 8 As The Enterprise Standard

But Workers Should Have The Freedom To Use Windows 8 Devices

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    Windows 8 is the boldest release of the OS since Windows 95. Microsoft chose to discard the Start button in favor of a new look designed to tie together the PC, tablet, and, smartphone experience. But this unorthodox offering drives I&O leaders to ask a number of questions, chief among them: Is Windows 8's new interface too far of a departure for some employees to learn, and will there even be any employee demand for it? Does Windows 8 offer enough new value to justify migration investments, and if so, when, and across which devices? In this report, we explain why Forrester believes most businesses will not adopt Windows 8 as their primary standard, but must be prepared to meet employee BYOD demand — and offer six steps I&O pros can take to be ready.
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    • Windows 8 Is Parachuting Into A Hostile Environment
    • Six Steps I&O Pros Should Proactively Take To Prepare For Windows 8

      Windows 8 Will Finally Extend BYOD Programs To — Gasp — PCs
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