IT Spending Forecasts

IT spending forecasts project the money spent on technology infrastructure and support systems.


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  • For Security & Risk Professionals

    Report: Market Overview: Data Loss Prevention

    Policies to control data use and movement require enforcement mechanisms. Data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities give security and risk (S&R) professionals the means to enforce those policies a...

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  • For CIOs

    Report: Vendor Profile: Alibaba Cloud Computing, Q2 2016

    CIOs are embracing public cloud services to accelerate their firms' digital business transformation. The Chinese public cloud landscape differs greatly from the global one, so CIOs in China look...

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  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report: How To Budget For Workforce And Customer-Facing Technologies In 2016 And Beyond

    Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders planning their budgets for 2016 and beyond must invest in the business technology (BT) agenda — that is, spending on technology that helps win, serve,...

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  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report: IoT Success Requires A DevOps Mindset

    The IoT opportunity is taking enterprises by storm — but its newness means there are a lot of unknowns, including how to achieve operational excellence. The same DevOps principles that drive ope...

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  • For Security & Risk Professionals

    Report: The 2016 State Of Endpoint Security Adoption

    Every year, Forrester surveys thousands of security decision-makers and information workers globally from a wide range of industries and organization sizes. This report presents the most relevan...

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