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  • For CIO Professionals

    Report:2015 To 2016 Tech Market Outlook For European Countries

    Better Growth Outside The Eurozone Than Within

    Will Europe's modest economic expansion strengthen or go into reverse? Will China's economic slowdown and the ongoing geopolitical conflict with Russia put a dent into European exports? What will...

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  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Are The Biggest Enterprise Software Vendors Now The Best Cloud Platform Bets?

    IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, And SAP As Cloud Platform Vendors

    Public cloud platforms are a foundation for applications that win, serve, and retain customers. The four largest enterprise software providers did relatively little to drive adoption of cloud...

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  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Vendor Landscape: Citizen Engagement Platforms

    Citizen Engagement Platforms Improve Outreach And Service Delivery

    Government decision-makers are increasingly being held accountable for programs and their budgets. As a result, they want to be sure that these programs meet the needs and expectations of their...

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  • For CIO Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms In China, Q3 2015

    The 11 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

    Public cloud application platforms unlock the agility and economic advantages of cloud computing for digital business globally, but the enterprise public cloud vendor landscape in China is very...

    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Capitalize On SaaS CRM Solutions With Better Governance

      Organization: The CRM Playbook

      Organizations increasingly adopt software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM solutions, but many have not adapted their governance processes and policies to get maximum value out of those solutions....

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Stop Buying End-To-End CRM

      Evaluate CRM As An Ecosystem Instead

      CRM technologies are mature, and companies leverage them heavily to provide operational efficiencies as sales, marketing, and customer service organizations interact with customers. Today, business...

      • Downloads: 99
    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Maximize Your Chances Of Business Intelligence Success In A Customer-Centric World

      Processes: The Business Intelligence Playbook For 2015

      What can you do to make sure that your business intelligence (BI) initiative doesn't end up on the scrap heap of failed projects? Seeking answers to this question isn't unique to BI projects —...

      • Downloads: 940
    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:The SaaS ERP Applications Landscape

      Growing Demand Creates Vendor Melee In The Cloud As Traditional Vendors And SaaS Pure Plays Face Off

      Application delivery professionals need to rationalize costs of ownership and upgrade challenges of their current on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, while being responsive to...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:2015 To 2016 Latin American Tech Market Update

      Troubles In Brazil, Argentina, And Venezuela Offset Better Tech Growth In Chile, Colombia, And Mexico

      Economic struggles and slower growth in the six major countries are contributing to a slow patch in Latin America's tech market growth, with 3.3% in 2015. By 2016, positive fundamentals such as...

      • Downloads: 84
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Welcome To The New Era Of Encryption

      S&R Pros Must Use Encryption As The Technological Keystone Of Privacy

      Talking about encryption is all the rage these days — from revelations about the National Security Agency's (NSA's) surveillance program to a new wave of movies and TV shows featuring hackers...

      • Downloads: 150
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Three Best Practices To Improve Strategic Planning And Portfolio Management

      Processes: The Strategic Planning And Portfolio Playbook

      As companies prepare for 2016, customer obsession remains the highest priority; however, controlling costs comes in a close second. Differentiating yourself in a demanding customer market without...

      • Downloads: 583
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:The Cybercriminal's Prize: Your Customer Data And Intellectual Property

      Business Case: The Data Security And Privacy Playbook

      Protecting customer data such as credit card information, log-in credentials, and other personally identifiable information (PII) is one of the top priorities for both security and risk (S&R) leaders...

      • Downloads: 965
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:The Midyear Global Tech Market Outlook For 2015 To 2016

      Moderate Growth In Local Currencies Led By The BT Agenda, But A Decline In US Dollars

      At the midyear point in 2015, CIOs in most countries are operating in tech markets with moderate growth of around 4% in local currencies, a bit weaker than what we projected in January 2015. However,...

      • Downloads: 242
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:The State Of Business Continuity 2015: Mission, Priorities, Program Management, And Budgeting

      Part 1: Risk Pros Are Putting The Business Back Into Business Continuity

      As so-called "100-year floods" and cyberattacks grow more frequent, and as governments, healthcare providers, and businesses become completely dependent on complex technology, business continuity...

      • Downloads: 119
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Architect Hybrid Cloud Management To Boost Your Digital Business

      Chinese Companies Are Undertaking The Journey Toward Hybrid Cloud Maturity

      Cloud is becoming the new norm for enterprises. More and more companies across the globe are using two or more private, hosted, or public cloud services, applying different technology stacks to...

      • Downloads: 166
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Sizing The Cloud Security Market

      Companies Will Spend $2 Billion Over The Next Five Years To Protect Data In The Cloud

      As enterprises embrace a diverse cloud ecosystem, a new generation of software is emerging to address the security requirements of highly distributed IT infrastructure. These new offerings make up...

      • Downloads: 305
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Top Performers Appoint Chief Data Officers

      CIOs Must Partner With Their CDOs To Bridge The Data Maturity Gap

      There's a new kid in town, and it's the chief data officer (CDO). The new position arose from a growing awareness of the value of data and recognition of an inability to take advantage of the...

      • Downloads: 287
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Winning The Customer Experience Game II

      Digital Business: Digitize End-To-End Customer Experiences

      As customer expectations evolve, a company's ability to modify the technologies that support customer journeys can make the difference between a happy customer and an ex-customer. CEOs increasingly...

      • Downloads: 164
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption

      Benchmarks: The Cloud Computing Playbook For 2015

      Most enterprises have adopted cloud computing in some form; the key question is where your organization falls. Are you ahead of your competitors or lagging the average enterprise? Understand the...

      • Downloads: 736
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:European Tech Market Outlook, 2015 To 2016

      A Modest Improvement, Shadowed By A Strong Dollar

      CIOs in European countries can look forward to a slightly better tech market in 2015 and 2016. The European tech market has shown signs of moderate but sustained growth of 4% to 5% in euros. Aided by...

      • Downloads: 183
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Transform Customer Experiences With Systems Of Insight

      Insights Masters Create Amazing Experiences With Digital Insight — And Point To What Enterprises Can Do

      Your business wants to grow its customer base and understands that customers will come only if experiences improve. You expect that lots of data and good analytics will help deliver these...

      • Downloads: 295
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Brief: Transform Business Processes For Mobile Moments

      Successful companies achieve a great mobile experience for customers and employees by redefining existing business processes using a mobile-first approach. Transforming traditional desktop processes...

      • Downloads: 111
    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Make The Cloud A Foundation Of Your Digital Experience Platform Strategy

      Push Vendors And Service Providers To Describe Benefits, Not Cloud Marketing-Speak

      The digital experience (DX) platform market has been slow to move to the cloud. Fortunately, major digital experience platform vendors like Adobe and SAP hybris are now embracing the cloud to deploy...

      • Downloads: 185
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Market Overview: Customer Identity And Access Management (CIAM) Solutions

      S&R Pros Should Dump Home-Grown Approaches For Managing Customer Identities

      Business leaders entrust their security teams to protect customers' privacy and shield them from fraud and other malicious activities. To do this, security and risk (S&R) professionals must implement...

      • Downloads: 199
    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Win Funding For Your Customer Service Project

      Business Case: The Contact Centers For Customer Service Playbook

      In the age of the customer, customer service must be a cornerstone of a company's customer experience strategy. Application development and delivery (AD&D) pros supporting customer service operations...

      • Downloads: 580