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  • Healthcare
  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report:Health Insurers: Prepare For Survival Of The Fittest

    Customer Insights Are Critical To Your Evolution

    Whether or not health insurers are ready, the age of the customer is the new reality and it demands customer obsession. The only successful strategy is to focus your business decisions on consumer...

    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Four Best Practices From National Health Insurance E-Brokers

      Online Aggregators Offer Superior Online Experiences To Health Plans, From Discovery To The Shopping Cart

      Online aggregators Expedia and Orbitz disrupted the travel industry by offering one-stop shopping convenience, but three national e-brokers, eHealth, GetInsured, and GoHealth, have been quietly doing...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:The Midyear Global Tech Market Outlook For 2015 To 2016

      Moderate Growth In Local Currencies Led By The BT Agenda, But A Decline In US Dollars

      At the midyear point in 2015, CIOs in most countries are operating in tech markets with moderate growth of around 4% in local currencies, a bit weaker than what we projected in January 2015. However,...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:2014 Website Functionality Benchmark: US Health Insurance Plan Public Sites

      In An Age Of Increasing Complexity And Consumer Choice, Healthcare Sites Struggle With Simplicity

      In the wake of the Affordable Care Act, leading health plans have been vocal about finally making serious investments in retail-oriented, digital shop-to-enroll experiences. As we move into the tail...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:The Enterprise Wearables Journey

      How Wearable Computing Will Improve Your Business

      If you're not thinking about how innovation in wearable computing will affect enterprises in 2015, you're slipping into the minority: Wearable devices — and the apps, software, and services...

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    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Brief: Corporate Wellness Programs Are Risky

      Assessing The Risks And Regulatory Concerns Of Corporate Wellness Programs

      With the wellness industry in full swing, and fitness wearables poised to infiltrate the corporate market, there are significant regulatory concerns for risk professionals to think about. In the...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Brief: Five Core Technology Enhancements For Healthcare Marketplaces

      eBusiness Pros Must Choose Flexible And Modular Technology To Compete In An Increasingly Complex Landscape

      eBusiness pros face an array of new health insurance marketplace technology solutions. Most carriers are enhancing their marketplace platforms and systems, and many vendors are addressing the growing...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:US Tech Market Outlook For 2015 And 2016: The BT Agenda Powers Steady Expansion

      Software Expansion Offsets Weak Hardware And Outsourcing Demand

      Three trends dominate our updated US tech market forecast for 2015 and 2016. First, spending by CIOs and their business partners on the business technology (BT) agenda to win, serve, and retain...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Case Study: Data Sharing Improves Insights And Outcomes

      ConvergeHealth Provides Common Tools To Facilitate Data Sharing And Access

      Missing pieces to the puzzle obscure the full image. All industries with multiple actors across a complex ecosystem suffer the same fate. Take the healthcare industry, for example. Access to insights...

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    • For Customer Experience Professionals

      Report:Does Customer Experience Really Drive Business Success?

      The Relationship Between Superior Customer Experience And Growth

      It's the age of the customer, when technology and economic forces have changed the world to such a great extent that an obsession with winning, serving, and retaining customers is the only possible...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:European Tech Market Outlook, 2015 To 2016

      A Modest Improvement, Shadowed By A Strong Dollar

      CIOs in European countries can look forward to a slightly better tech market in 2015 and 2016. The European tech market has shown signs of moderate but sustained growth of 4% to 5% in euros. Aided by...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Case Study: Agile Budgeting And Methodology Expand Beyond BT And Deliver

      Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Nebraska Transforms Technology And Corporate Planning And Delivery

      Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE), a 75-year-old health insurance company serving 700,000 people, ran a traditional IT organization with traditional IT governance and processes. However,...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Brief: Digital Tools Improve Diabetes Cost Scenarios

      Health Plans Struggle To Adopt Next Generation Care Models

      New connected health tools empower diabetic members to better manage their conditions even outside the clinical setting. The results are improved health for the members and significantly reduced...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Seven Ways Big Data Improves Healthcare Outcomes

      Compelling Business Cases For Big Data

      In the healthcare industry, knowledge driven by big data is changing the shape of research, clinical, and administrative operations; standards of care; and even fundamental business models. It is...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Win, Serve, And Retain Today's Health Insurance Consumers

      North American Consumer Technographics® Report

      The US health insurance industry is in the midst of a tectonic shift. Patient empowerment and federal legislation are steering healthcare payers into a new era in which digital alternatives are...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Lessons In Leading A Digital Business Transformation

      Insights From The Front Lines At 3M, Bank Of America, And Walgreens

      The forces of digital disruption have reached critical mass, threatening every incumbent firm in every industry. Attendees at our Forum For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals heard from...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Making The Strategic PHM Platform Decision

      The Exploding Population Health Management Vendor Landscape Changes The Decision Calculus

      Healthcare is in the early stages of a shift from fee-for-service (volume) to risk-based payment (value). Population health management (PHM) is a requirement for navigating this shift. PHM is...

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