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    Business process management (BPM) attempts to alleviate problems around productivity bottlenecks, customer channel integration, cycle time reduction, and customer service improvement. But while those are important challenges to address, BPM also improves organizations at a more fundamental level by changing their core business operating models. Organizations that successfully use "processes to manage" focus on two things: First, they identify the right offerings that provide value to their customers; second, they ensure that their operational processes work effectively to maximize the value delivered. This approach might take a number of forms including better handling of exceptions, effective integration of documents, channel integration, and an overall focus on enhanced customer service.
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    • BPM Addresses Problems By Changing The Way You Tackle Them
    • Different Organizations Have Different Starting Points, Goals, And Objectives
    • Identify Problem Spots — They May Become Breakthrough Opportunities

      Do The Right Things, Then Do Things Right
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