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Identifying Partners To Help Streamline Global Expansion

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    You've gotten the mandate to take your eCommerce brand global: What next? Once you've taken the time to map out a comprehensive international strategy, you're ready to determine which tools and technologies can help turn your brand into a global eCommerce powerhouse. In this report, part of the ecommerce globalization playbook, we tackle some of the key technology partners that can help brands build and operate international eCommerce initiatives. This report puts a global lens on the research Forrester has done on the tools and technologies available to brands as they build out their eCommerce offerings. This report is an update to the report of the same name originally issued to clients on September 17, 2013.
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    • Technology Must Help Brands Meet Key Globalization Goals
    • Commerce Service Providers Can Play A Key Role In Globalization
    • A Global-Ready eCommerce Platform Can Help Pave The Way
    • Brands Are Employing Different Models To Expand Globally
    • Sites Must Address Global Consumers' Preferences

      Global Needs Must Be Incorporated Into The Vendor Selection Process
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