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Making Business Intelligence A Collaborative Process Leads To Greater Insights, Security, And Efficiency

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    Enterprise execs who seek to understand their customers, market, and competitive landscape can't afford to limit their insights to the data they generate. Nor can they hope to gain sufficient insight by purchasing data or target audiences from third parties. To meet the needs of perpetually connected customers, firms must become collaborative, both sharing their data and insight outward and absorbing it from suppliers and partners. This lets firms adapt to fast-changing environments at market speed, which we call adaptive intelligence (AI). This report: 1) explains what's different about AI; 2) presents a model CIOs can use to determine their firms' readiness to share data; 3) provides a means of assessing data sets; and 4) defines the business case for productizing an organization's data for maximum business insight and profit.
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    • Current Data Approaches Fail
    • CIOs Must Stop Hoarding Data And Embrace Adaptive Intelligence
    • Learn From Early Adopters Of Adaptive Intelligence
    • Begin To Treat Your Organization's Data As A Product
    • Look To Open Data Marketplaces To Accelerate Your Progress

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