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Improving The Ops In DevOps

Six Steps IT Ops Can Take To Build A Tighter Relationship With Development Groups

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    As IT organizations struggle to deal with the changing IT and business landscapes, the concept of DevOps (development + operations = DevOps) has been singled out by many as the way in which infrastructure and operations (I&O) can better work with other IT silos to benefit the business. Getting DevOps right will address many of the issues enterprises consistently have with IT, such as applications failing to meet both functional and nonfunctional requirements, delivery delays, increased costs, and an inflexibility to change. Is DevOps enough to save I&O from extinction? There are many other issues to consider to that question, but an enlightened DevOps movement will certainly prove extremely valuable. Success will require mastering six steps and making some tough organizational changes.

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    • App Dev And IT Operations Integration Is Necessary For Internal IT Survival
    • Six Steps I&O Can Take To Improve The DevOps Collaboration

      Recognize And Enact People- And Delivery-Method-Related Change
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