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Increase Agile Efficacy To Improve Customer Value

Improved Customer Value Follows Increased Team Efficacy

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    This report outlines the future look of Forrester's solution for application development and delivery (AD&D) executives working on Agile and Lean. It is designed to help AD&D execs discover Agile and Lean. From the very beginning, Agile's ultimate goal was to deliver higher-value software, but to reach this goal, Agile practitioners first had to make development teams better at building software without regard to its value. These changes created disturbances in the rest of the value stream. Therefore, the goal of the second stage in Agile's history, the era in which we now live, is a new set of practices to define how the development team and other groups work together. Lean Thinking figures prominently in this phase, as do new practices such as continuous delivery and improvements to user experience (UX). Building on these improvements, the long-term history of Agile will involve a third set of practices designed to increase the amount of measurable value emerging from the value stream. New ways to deal with DevOps and real continuous feedback are examples of these practices. To maximize their investment in Agile, those jumping on the Agile bandwagon today need to be aware of this trajectory and be ready to adopt these new practices.
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    • Agile Is Moving From Development Practices To Business Outcomes
    • Yesterday's Agile: Teams Got Better At Building Software
    • Today's Agile: Moving The Rest Of The Business
    • Tomorrow's Agile: Delivering Business Value

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