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Increasing Online Insurance Self-Service Adoption

Nine Tactics To Increase Adoption, Serve Customers, And Lower Costs

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    Insurance online self-service continues to gain momentum, but customer adoption remains low. We found that 55% of US online adults who own insurance have not visited their insurance provider's Web site in the past year. eBusiness managers for direct and agent-based insurers struggle to increase adoption due to an array of problems including the infrequency of insurance interactions, customers' channel preferences, and limited functionality. eBusiness managers are seeing some glimmers of hope, though, with increased adoption of certain activities like online bill pay and a solid business case for online self-service. eBusiness executives must "plan the work and work the plan" by developing a comprehensive strategy and using an array of tactics to increase customers' adoption.
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    • Insurance Online Self-Service Gains Momentum, But Adoption Remains Low
    • Industry, Customer, And Internal Barriers Impede Insurers' Efforts
    • Increasing Adoption Requires A Formal Strategy And Toolbox Of Tactics
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