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Informal Learning Garners Acceptance As A Legitimate Learning Approach

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    As Millennials, with their Digital Native technology skills and experience with social media, stream into the workforce, businesses must re-evaluate their approach to corporate learning so that learning stays relevant — not only from a content perspective, but also from a delivery perspective. The fast pace of the work environment requires us to step outside of traditional learning approaches and harness the value that informal learning, with its immediate access to knowledge and information, brings. Some companies have begun with small pilot programs that include discussion groups about courses, user-generated content employing multimedia, and tagged and searchable content in knowledge repositories. Business process pros must help facilitate discussions around the best use of informal learning when deploying and continuously improving business processes and listening to the voice of the customer through social media.
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    • Learning Environments Are Undergoing Dramatic Changes
    • Company Cultural Environments Must Support An Informal Learning Strategy
    • Organizations Find Informal Learning That Meets Their Learning Needs

      Get Involved In Informal And Social Learning To Empower Your Workforce

      Social And Informal Learning Are About Engaging Employees And Customers
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