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Information-As-A-Service: What's Behind This Hot New Trend?

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    Information-as-a-service has exploded on the scene over the past two years, moving from an obscure topic to one of the top usage scenarios in service-oriented architecture (SOA). Forrester expects that in 2007, a majority of large enterprises will add SOA to the list of ways they integrate information. Tools and middleware to support service-oriented approaches to information usage and integration are multiplying rapidly, as are customer case studies that show a variety of different information service usage scenarios. Early experiences with this approach show that it can deliver tangible value today in simplifying integration, but the fragmented market and lack of a single common vendor vision of what these products should do creates much confusion on the part of potential buyers. Here, we address enterprise and information architects' top questions about information-as-a-service.

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    • information service,
    • 2. How is an information service different from other kinds of services?
    • 3. How is an information service different from data access frameworks like Hibernate or JPA?
    • information-as-a-service
    • 5. What are the primary use cases that are driving creation of information services?
    • 6. Why and when is an information service a better way to get information?
    • 7. Is a common information model an essential component of an information service?
    • 8. How do information services relate to an ESB?
    • 9. How do information services relate to information fabric and other data middleware?
    • 10. How do information services relate to my overall SOA strategy?
    • 11. How do information services relate to my overall application architecture?
    • 12. Who are the major players in the market for information-as-a-service technology?