Defined broadly, innovation is any transformation of a process, offering, or business model that has business impact.


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    Report: Disrupting Finance: Social Insurance

    Social insurance enables people in need of insurance to connect and pool their money and risks. Startups like Friendsurance, Guevara, and TongJuBao facilitate this and aim to offer coverage that...

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  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report: Reinvent Product Innovation To Revive Your Brand

    Successful new product introductions lift revenues for retailers and consumer brands. But out of thousands of new offerings each year, only a handful succeed. Mastery of PLM, be it private-label...

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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report: Embed Innovation To Sustain Mobile Banking Excellence

    Successful digital banking teams recognize that their jobs aren't done just because mobile banking apps and sites are live. Customer and business expectations set by the mobile mind shift are ro...

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: Lessons Learned From Innovators At Forrester's CXNYC 2015 Forum

    At Forrester's CXNYC 2015 Forum, a panel of leaders from three fast-growing startups shared how they drive innovation at their companies. Their lessons are crucial for any business, big or small...

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report: Brief: To Beat Disruption, Think Like A Disruptor

    To beat disruptors, it helps to know how to think like one. For a snapshot of how disruptors operate today and what it's likely to mean for customer experience (CX) in the coming years, Forreste...

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