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Inquiry Spotlight: Top-Of-Mind Issues For ERP Customers, Q4 2010 To Q2 2011

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    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps power companywide financial, human resources, and manufacturing business processes at medium-size and enterprise companies. Embarking on a new ERP implementation or deploying a major ERP upgrade is a complex, resource-hungry undertaking not to be entered into lightly — the main reason many customers postponed ERP projects during the global economic slowdown and are only now reactivating them. When companies approach Forrester with ERP-related inquiries, they're keen to learn from the experiences of peers who have successfully deployed ERP, whether those lessons relate to brand-new ERP migrations, optimizing existing implementations, or both. To play a substantive role in all aspects of ERP decision-making, business process pros must be fully conversant with the ongoing changes in the ERP app market, from new product offerings to the impact of each ERP vendor consolidation.
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