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    Nearly every marketer uses social media today, but too few use it well. Most marketing leaders treat social as something special and unique, leading them to either separate it completely from the rest of their marketing efforts or ask social to carry an entire marketing program on its own. But this "social exceptionalism" is more likely to yield failure than success. To unlock the value of social marketing, you'll need to effectively integrate social into your established marketing plan — and the marketing RaDaR model holds the key. This report of the social marketing playbook, originally issued to clients on August 7, 2013, lays out Forrester's vision for how social tactics can supply reach and depth and relationship to your marketing plan; we review and update it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy. It has now been updated with 2014 data.
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    • Social Is Now Part Of (Almost) Every Marketing Plan
    • "Social Exceptionalism" Is The Problem
    • Social Reach Tactics Create Discovery
    • Social Depth Tactics Facilitate Exploration
    • Social Relationship Tactics Foster Engagement

      Use The POST Method To Create Great Social Marketing Programs
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