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Introducing ADAM: Forrester's Application Development Assessment Methodology

Use This Holistic And Actionable Approach To Drive Real Improvement

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    Modern problems require modern solutions. As firms wrestle with transforming application development and delivery to embody business technology (BT), leaders require clear measurements to justify, focus, track, and align change. But measuring software development and delivery is hard, and often the value derived from the metrics isn't worth the cost of creating them. Forrester's research has shown that successful app dev leaders approach metrics both qualitatively, through practice maturity assessments, and quantitatively, through benchmarking key data elements related to projects and applications. It has also revealed the importance of context when analyzing measures. The application development assessment methodology (ADAM) pulls all of this together to provide a holistic framework for app dev measures that provides the most business value. Say hello to ADAM.
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    • Lack Of App Dev Measures Hinders BT Transformation
    • It's Time To Take A Holistic, Actionable Approach To App Dev Measurement
    • Forrester's Qualitative Practice Assessment
    • Forrester's Quantitative Benchmark Assessment
    • Linking Quantitative To Qualitative Measures Provides Deep Insights

      Holistic, Actionable Assessment Isn't Easy, But It's Worth It
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