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Introducing Forrester's B2B Technology Market Forecasting

Our Methodology For Sizing Your Market And How To Get Value From Our Forecasts

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    Emerging and high-growth product categories present exciting opportunities for firms as they put their bets on which markets will reap the biggest return for them. Forrester's market sizings and forecasts help navigate the unknown landscape of these new markets, bringing primary research, analysis, and ideas together into a quantitative picture of scale and timing. To help understand our forecasts — and to help market researchers use this powerful tool — we describe Forrester's business-to-business (B2B) forecasting methodology based on a logistic or S-curve methodology.
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    • Forrester's Forecasts Give Market Researchers Tools For Business Planning
    • Forrester's B2B Forecast Approach Is Built On A Six-Step Methodology
    • An Example: Sizing Green IT Services

      Getting The Most From A Market Forecast
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