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Forrester's Targeted-Attack Hierarchy Of Needs: Assess Your Core Capabilities

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    Targeted attacks continue to plague organizations, and these intrusions damage the brand, customer loyalty, and margins. Preparing for and responding to these attacks requires a focused and resolute strategy. We designed Forrester's Targeted-Attack Hierarchy of Needs to give S&R professionals a framework to accomplish this. Part 1 of this report focuses on the core needs required for defending your environment against targeted attacks; it lays the foundation for a resilient security strategy. Part 2 dives into prevention, detection, and response, all of which will fail if you ignore the fundamental needs. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy.
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    • Targeted Attacks Undermine Customer Trust And Company Profits
    • To Fight Back, Use Forrester's Targeted-Attack Hierarchy Of Needs

      Address The Essential Needs Before Prevention And Detection
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