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    An identity and access management (IAM) maturity model is necessary for assessing your current state against industry best practices, understanding your performance relative to that of your peers, and creating a long-term strategy and road map. We based the Forrester IAM maturity model on our extensive research, the 100 client inquiries that we field each quarter, and the more than 20 maturity assessments that we have conducted during the past two years. It is a nonlinear, versatile model that provides direct help for IAM strategy creation. It provides comprehensive coverage of three key IAM domains: 1) governance and value; 2) access management; and 3) identity management. While other models treat technology and processes separately, we infuse technology with processes. You can evaluate each increasingly difficult area in each module and score yourself objectively based on simple yes/no criteria, leading to a composite IAM maturity score for your organization. This report outlines the assessment framework for Forrester's solutions for security and risk professionals working on identity and access management. This report is designed to help you assess your identity and access management maturity.
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    • Maturity Models Guide IAM Assessments And Strategy Creation . . .
    • . . . But Conventional Maturity Models Are Not Much Help For Execution
    • The Forrester IAM Maturity Model Is Easy To Use And Effective
    • Use The Forrester IAM Maturity Model To Measure And Improve IAM

      Prioritize Governance And Easy-To-Implement Areas First
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      The Forrester Identity And Access Management Maturity Model