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Involve At Least Partial Outsourcing To Achieve A Global Communications Technology Vision

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    Large multinational corporations (MNCs) recognize the need to define a global communications technology vision for the next three to five years to ensure competitiveness and sustainable business growth. But in most cases, telecom and mobility sourcing remains decentralized, resulting in increasing complexity due to the need to identify and then integrate communications technology islands. Accepting that some level of decentralized sourcing will persist, how can sourcing and vendor management (SVM) professionals help IT reduce the management and integration complexity? To answer this question, this outreach report examines market trends and best practices regarding sourcing and managing new communications technologies related to convergence, video, and mobility in distributed organizations to help SVM professionals focusing on sourcing telecom and mobility services.
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    • Distributed Firms Embrace New Communications Technologies
    • Implementation Complexity Drives Growing Interest In Outsourcing
    • An Upsurge In The Use Of Alternative Delivery Models Will Result

      Weigh Your Opportunities Versus Risks To Decide When To Outsource
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