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Is Green IT Your Emperor With No Clothes?

Measure Your Green IT Baseline Or Risk Being Caught With Your Pants Down

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    Awareness for green IT is increasing, driven by corporatewide greening efforts as well as practical IT concerns like running out of space, power, or budget. As a result, IT ops executives are tasked to formulate and enact their green IT strategy.While technology in itself is not "green," enterprise IT does have the opportunity to harvest the environmental and financial benefits of becoming more eco-conscious. But before investing a single dollar into green IT, Forrester recommends that firms set expectations by measuring their green IT baseline — an annual estimate of the energy consumption, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and financial costs of operating IT. Not only will this data offer a practical green IT starting point by exposing your most eco-taxing assets, but without it you cannot accurately quantify and report the benefits of your greening efforts to senior management.
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    • The Emperor Is Naked: Technology Is Not Green And Never Will Be
    • Nevertheless, Companies Are Realizing Business And Environmental Benefits
    • Embrace Upfront Measurement To Help The Emperor Put On His Clothes

      Plan For Green IT Success With Upfront Measurement

      IT Energy Measurement Will Proliferate, Changing The Role Of IT
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