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Italian Online Banking Forecast: 2008 To 2013

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    With only 15% of adults regularly banking online, Italy is still Western Europe's online banking laggard. Many Italians don't use the Net regularly, and those who do are far more reluctant to use online banking than other Europeans are. A range of factors — from consumers' fondness for cash to their contentment with existing channels — have discouraged Italy's Net users from signing up to bank online. Although some of the big Italian banks now actively promote online banking and offer financial incentives to encourage customers to use the channel, consumer behavior will take time to change. By 2013, we expect 13 million Italians to use online banking, or 25% of adults.
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    • Only 15% Of Italians Use Online Banking Today
    • Low Net Use And Security Fears Limit The Effect Of Banks' Migration Efforts
    • By 2013, Almost 13 Million Italians Will Bank Online
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