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It's Time For Home Server Solution Packages – A Digital Home Report

Partnerships Are The Top Priority For Home Server Product Strategists

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    The Windows Home Server market suffered a setback in 2008, harmed by a data corruption bug that took nine months to fix. Overall, the market remains at a very early stage of development: Few consumers have heard of Windows Home Server, and even fewer consumers are interested in buying one. Those few who are aware of home servers still don't know what the product does. Home servers are sold like IT devices, without broad consumer appeal. Consumer product strategists can address this situation by creating home server solution packages that preload content and applications onto the home sever and focus the value proposition around one application scenario (like "audiophiles"). Forrester has identified four home server solution packages that show strong promise as product SKUs. Ultimately, consumer product strategists will have to create partnerships with content providers, retailers, and services companies to create these home server solution packages — and to move the market forward.
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    • Demand For Home Servers Is Crawling Along Lethargically
    • Create Home Server Solution Packages To Spur Adoption

      Partnerships Are The Key To Home Server Success
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