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It's Time For IT Management Software 2.0 – A Business Technology (BT) Report

Lean Thinking Brings Forward New Management Tools

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    IT is still struggling with growing pains, meaning that the current economic conditions present a catalyst for change and an opportunity to mature. These conditions present a catalyst because they bring more stringent budgets and the need to control IT expenses, and they present an opportunity because they open the door to initiatives that would have been considered lower priorities in times of abundance and complacency. We therefore think that IT is on the way toward being managed as a business within a business: It means that IT will now make choices based on economic principles rather than technical whims. This changes the overall picture of the IT management software market. While there are still abundant opportunities to manage technologies, new opportunities are emerging to manage IT as an economic industrial entity. These new management domains will need tools typically associated with corporate management, which will bring forth a new IT management software framework that will change the IT management software market.
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    • The Rise Of The IT Enterprise
    • Lean Thinking And IT Management Software
    • The Position Of BSM And ITSM

      IT Management Software 2.0 Means New Buying Centers
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