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It's Time For Mass-Customized Clothing And Apparel Products

Product Strategists Must Overcome Three Challenges To Succeed

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    It's time for product strategists in clothing and apparel to consider offering mass-customized products. Consumers are beginning to look beyond off-the-shelf choices to new colors, designs, styles, and, most importantly, custom fit. Most of the companies that are currently filling this space are startups, but there is a huge market opportunity for big name brands that already have a set customer base. Brands like Nike, Converse, Reebok, and Lands' End have already incorporated mass customization into their strategies and are examples for other retail brands that are hesitant to make the jump. This report will identify the challenges and solutions that product strategists at retail stores face when incorporating mass customization into their businesses.
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    • Product Strategists Face Three Challenges With Mass-Customized Clothing
    • Step One: Empower Your Customers With Design Assistance
    • Step Two: Focus On Fit Before Style
    • Step Three: Create A Concise And Simple Configurator

      Look To The Startups For Customization Success
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