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It's Time To Move Your Business Analysts To An Adaptive, Tool-Kit-Driven Requirements Approach

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    Are you still using prescriptive, template-driven business analysis and requirements approaches? Do you continue to see projects delivered late and over budget? Incomplete or incorrect software requirements are often to blame and are the most costly defects to correct. This puts business analysts (BAs) in the spotlight as application delivery leaders focus on this critical role and its skills and practices, seeking to maximize their BAs' value and effectiveness. To succeed, BAs must move from a rigid, prescriptive approach to one that is adaptable and tool kit driven. Modern BAs assemble a tool kit of templates, techniques, and tools and use soft skills and knowledge to adapt its use to different circumstances. BA leaders: Make a difference by stocking your BAs' tool kit, developing their soft skills and knowledge, helping them embrace the change, and empowering them to adaptively author smart requirements.
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    • Trash Your Rigid, Prescriptive Business Analysis Practices
    • Four Steps To Move To A Flexible, Tool-Kit-Driven Requirements Approach
    • Step 1: Stock Your BAs' Tool Kit With Templates And Samples
    • Step 2: Teach Your BAs Critical Business Analysis Techniques
    • Step 3: Add Requirements And Productivity Tools To The Mix
    • Step 4: Recruit For And Develop BAs' Soft Skills And Knowledge
    • Need Help Developing Your Adaptable, Tool-Kit-Driven Approach? It's Out There!

      BA Leaders: Assemble Your BA Tool Kit, And Empower Your BAs To Use It
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