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It's Time To Take Games Seriously – A Social Computing Report

Video Games Provide An Effective Way To Reach Customers And Employees

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    Serious gaming, or the use of games and gaming dynamics for non-entertainment purposes, is poised to take off thanks to the rise of Technology Populism, the greening of IT, and the emergence of the Millennials. Opportunity comes from many sectors, but competition comes from a hodgepodge of companies, including IBM and Microsoft. To achieve widespread adoption, the industry must deal with five issues: 1) what games should be called; 2) how slick the presentation should be; 3) how users should interface with the games; 4) how to determine ROI; and 5) determining if the technology has any limitations. Clearing these hurdles will open the door for revolutionary uses of games, but getting from here to there will require patience and guidance on the part of serious games vendors.
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    • Tech Populism, Green IT, And The Millennials Propel Serious Games Forward
    • The Serious Games Market Heats Up
    • Vendors Must Address Five Questions To Ensure Industry Growth
    • Serious Game Potential Will Be Unlocked In The Next Seven Years

      Gentle Guidance And Patience Are The Order Of The Day

      Interactive Experiences Will Forever Change How Work Is Done
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