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It's Time To Tame The ERP Integration Beast

Meeting ERP Integration Needs Inside And Outside The Enterprise

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    Integration challenges are often the foremost obstacle to getting the full value from packaged enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Strategies for overcoming this obstacle vary considerably depending on the application providers, the complexity of enterprise needs, and the level of integration capability that comes "baked in" to each ERP application suite. Integration with these systems has frequently led to significant complications because core ERP applications are often better at collecting information than at making it available in all the places it is required. Therefore, application development and delivery professionals should evaluate their ERP integration strategy and upgrade it to ensure that it rises to the level required today to support agile operations inside and outside the enterprise.
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    • ERP Users Face Serious Integration Issues Despite Decades Of Effort
    • IT Must Also Satisfy New Business Requirements For ERP Integration
    • ERP Integration Solutions Provide Many Options For Meeting These Needs
    • It's Time To Upgrade Your ERP Integration Strategy

      Make Your ERP Integration Strategy A Key Component Of Your EIS
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