James Staten

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations PROFESSIONALS

James provides insights into and best-practice use of cloud computing and next-generation, collaborative business intelligence: adaptive intelligence. As the content lead for Forrester's cloud computing playbook, he advises IT leaders on public cloud platforms, CIO-level cloud investment strategies, cloud economics, hybrid cloud and cloud outsourcing (strategic rightsourcing), IT cloud readiness, and business and developer engagement on cloud.

James has been named a top cloud computing analyst each of the last five years by leading industry associations including Web Hosting Industry Review (2009), Apollo Research (2010 to 2011) and Wired (2012). He is also the 2011 recipient of the Forrester Bill Bluestein Award, given to the analyst whose body of work continually inspires our clients and guides their decisions to be great.

Previous Work Experience

James has more than 25 years' experience in the industry, having served as a chief marketing officer, vendor strategist, product marketing manager, reseller, journalist, and analyst for companies including Autodesk, Azul Systems, Gartner, Rockwell International, and Sun Microsystems.

He is a frequent speaker at industry, corporate, educational, and Wall Street events and has guest lectured at leading business schools.


Working out of Silicon Valley, James holds a master's from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California and a bachelor's degree from the University of North Texas.

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    Blog:You Must Go Further To Get Private Cloud Right . . . But How Much Further?

     Lately it's starting to seem like private clouds are a lot like beauty – in the eye of the beholder. Or more accurately, in the eye of the builder. Sadly, unlike art and beauty, the...

    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Blog:James Staten IT Forum Keynote

      In case you weren't able to join us at our Forrester IT Forum in Las Vegas last month, here is the video of my keynote session on how enterprises should be thinking about incorporating cloud...

      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Blog:Are You A Highly Effective IT Ops Leader?

          Pop quiz: How many of your company’s top business leaders do you talk to on a daily basis? How many know your name? And finally, how many of them do you engage to brainstorm on how to...

        • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

          Blog:First Sign Of A Cloud Bubble Ready To Pop - An ETF

          On July 5th, First Trust launched an exchange traded fund (ETF) designed to help investors capitalize on the growing market for cloud computing. I'd be excited about this sign of maturity for the...

          • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

            Blog:To Get Cloud Economics Right, Think Small, Very, Very Small

            A startup, who wishes to remain anonymous, is delivering an innovative new business service from an IaaS cloud and most of the time pays next to nothing to do this. This isn't a story about...

            • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

              Blog:Free Isn't The Half Of It. AWS Pushes Cloud Economics Further

              This week Amazon Web Services announced a new pricing tier for its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service and in doing so has differentiated its offering even further. At first blush the free tier...

              • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                Blog:Leveraging Cloud Computing For New Business Enablement

                In yesterday’s Forbes.com HP VP and CTO Russ Daniels wrote a short commentary on how cloud computing can help reignite the global economy and his focus is what makes the difference. Where Russ...

                • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                  Blog:Windows Azure Crosses Over To IaaS

                  At its Professional Developers Conference this week, Microsoft made the long-awaited debut of its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, under the guise of the “VM-role”...

                  • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                    Blog:How Cloudy Are Your Cloud Service Provider Partners?

                    There’s no shortage of companies these days calling themselves cloud service providers (CSPs) but are they really? And if not, what value do they bring to your portfolio and the cloud...

                    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                      Blog:Cloud Computing Belongs On Your 3-Year Roadmap

                      Welcome to the fourth quarter of 2009; what we at Forrester call planning season for most IT departments. In a typical year, this is the time that infrastructure and operations professionals spend...

                      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                        Blog:Cloud Maturity Is Accelerating: More Than Just Reaction To The Hype?

                        Over the past few months a flurry of announcements have begun swirling around the cloud computing space, which remains a nascent market in the overall IT realm. Do these announcements portend a fast...

                        • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                          Blog:Oracle Continues to Make Cloud Progress

                          Well if you're going to make a dramatic about face from total dismissal of cloud computing, this is a relatively credible way to do it. Following up on its announcement of a serious cloud future...

                          • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                            Blog:HP And IBM

                            HP and IBM are tossing barbs at each other in the blade server space this week with dueling management tools that greatly simplify administration, whichever platform you choose. On Monday, HP...

                            • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                              Blog:Has Amazon Solved Its Private Cloud Dilemma?

                              Amazon Web Services (AWS) is great, but many of our enterprise clients want those cloud services and values delivered on premise, behind their firewall, which may feel more comfortable for protecting...

                              • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                Blog:Intel vs. AMD still isn’t a fair fight

                                There are more hindrances to AMD’s ability to penetrate the market with its Opteron CPUs; and Intel’s not a fault this time. In an earlier blog post on the AMD-Intel settlement I brought...

                                • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                  Blog:Jumpstart Your Private Cloud: Good Vendor Solutions Abound

                                    Forrester surveys show that enterprise infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams that are well down the virtualization path are shifting their priorities to deploying a private cloud....

                                  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                    Blog:Can Velocity Revolutionize The Data Center Business?

                                    Digital Realty Trust is trying to do to the data center business what Dell did to computer manufacturing and Wal-Mart continues to do to the retail market — make delivery efficiency the killer app....

                                    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                      Blog:Scoring Our 2011 Cloud Predictions

                                      Around this time last year, Forrester published its predictions for what we expected to happen in the cloud computing market in 2011. While some of those prognostications were on the mark, in general...

                                      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                        Blog:Grading our 2013 Cloud Predictions

                                        At this time 12 months ago, we released our predictions for what changes in the market would be brought about by the maturing of cloud computing. Looking back on the year, we can now see that, while...

                                        • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                          Blog:VMware Takes the Cover Off Its Public Cloud

                                          Sometimes you can only coax a reluctant partner and I&O customer community for so long before you feel you have to take matters into your own hands. That is exactly what VMware has decided to do to...

                                          • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                            Blog:VMware Wants To Be Your Network Operating System Of Choice

                                            Whenever a company changes the name of their major product you often have to wonder what level of change they are trying to signal. In the case of VMware which changed ESX to vSphere yesterday, the...

                                            • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                              Blog:OpenStack: Time To Capitalize On The Momentum

                                              In the IaaS market the open source torch has officially been passed from Eucalyptus to OpenStack, a community effort that is showing strong momentum in both vendor participation and end user...

                                              • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                                Blog:Will IT Fall Beneath The Shadows?

                                                A funny thing happened while we in IT were focused on ITIL, data center consolidation and standardization. The business went shopping for better technology solutions. We’ve been their go-to...

                                                • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                                                  Blog:Grading Our 2014 Cloud Predictions

                                                  This time last year, we published our predictions of what would be the major events and changes in enterprise cloud adoption in 2014. In this post, we look back on these prognostications to see which...

                                                  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                                                    Blog:You're Not Yet A Cloud - Get On The Path Today

                                                     With all the hype and progress happening around cloud computing, we know that our infrastructure and operations professional clients are under pressure to have a cloud answer. This is causing...