Jean-Pierre Garbani

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations PROFESSIONALS

J.P. serves Infrastructure & Operation Professionals in predicting and quantifying IT disruptions. J.P.'s expertise is in the IT management software and IT operations market, and his research examines the shifting industry dynamics caused by economic pressures and the impact of new technologies such as virtualization on the IT organization.

J.P. has several decades of experience as an IT technology designer and marketer and also as a client of IT technology. He has broad experience in designing advanced technology solutions in industrial and commercial applications and bringing them to market. He has written extensively on technology for several business publications. J.P. is often a featured speaker at vendor-sponsored events and webinars.

Previous Work Experience

J.P. came to Forrester through the acquisition of Giga Information Group, where he was the research director of the computing infrastructure group. J.P. started his IT career in early 1968 as a software engineer working on the automation of nuclear power plants in France. J.P. then joined Bull General Electric in Paris (subsequently Honeywell Bull), where he was a designer and project leader of very large network infrastructures in France, Scandinavia, and the US. At Bull, J.P. occupied several positions in engineering, marketing, and sales. J.P. moved to the US in 1984 and filled several engineering and marketing positions with Bull Information Systems. In 1994, J.P. created Epitome Technology Corporation, a middleware software company focused on manufacturing execution systems. Prior to joining Giga, J.P. worked as an IT management consultant for several large financial institutions in the US.


J.P. graduated from Ecole Superieure d'Electricite (Supelec) in Paris (M.S. in computer science). J.P. is a US citizen based in Naples, Fla., and speaks French fluently.

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