Jost Hoppermann

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

Jost serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals, particularly in financial services. As an analyst, he is an expert on a number of architecture and technology topics in global banking, such as off-the-shelf banking platforms (including core banking), mobile banking, online banking and omnichannel banking, payment and financial risk management solutions, banking architecture, banking platform transformation, architecture, and strategy. He also led research into the business and technology aspects of banking in the future (banking in 2023 and 2030).

During his more than 10 years with Forrester, Jost has provided strategic analysis and pragmatic advice to executives, operational-level managers, and architects on topics such as strategy plans, architecture development, governance, and large-scale software development, integration, and deployment. As a conference speaker and quoted expert, Jost has addressed numerous topics, such as industry trends, implementation, and the operation and migration of applications and systems, as well as the economic and strategic issues around these technologies.

Previous Work Experience

Jost came to Forrester through its acquisition of Giga Information Group. Prior to Giga, Jost was director of architecture at DG Bank, where he was responsible for the medium- and long-term development of architecture and related topics and for the definition of the technology part of its multichannel strategy. He was the chairman of the bank's architecture decision body. Prior to joining DG, Jost worked as a technology consultant for eight years. He was responsible for a consulting practice that ran projects in the architecture and information technology space. Earlier, Jost worked on database systems, operating systems, software development, Unix standardization, and IT security, including contributions to the German and European IT security criteria.


Jost holds the German equivalent of a master's degree in computer science from the RWTH Aachen University.

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