Kate Leggett

VP, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

Kate serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. She is a leading expert on customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service strategies, maturity, benchmarking, governance, and ROI. She is an accomplished public speaker and frequently presents at industry events such as CRM Evolution. She has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, and industry publications such as CRM Magazine, KM World, and Destination CRM.

Previous Work Experience

Kate has extensive industry experience, with more than 10 years of leadership at CRM and customer service software companies, where she held senior product marketing and product management roles. She is also a published author on customer service trends and best practices.


Kate earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:From Application Design To Application Composition

      How APIs, Micro-Services, And Containers Are Changing The Way Organizations Develop And Deliver Software

      There is a quiet revolution underway in software development: The nature of the work is shifting from developing and deploying large complex applications to connecting new and existing services in...

      • Downloads: 302
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:The Forrester Wave™: Portfolio Management For The BT Agenda, Q1 2015

      The Nine Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

      In the age of the customer, business and technology partners must have unparalleled visibility into strategic and execution plans in order to direct critical resources on the initiatives needed to...

      • Downloads: 271
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Forrester's BT Strategic Planning And Execution Process Assessment Process Guide

      • Downloads: 21
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Forrester's I&O And Marketing Partnership Readiness Self-Assessment

      Forrester recommends using the marketing partnership readiness self-assessment tool to help I&O professionals understand whether they are ready to partner with marketing and other members of...

      • Downloads: 11
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Brief: Use Social Marketing To Advance Customers On Their Financial Services Journey

      Social Is More Than Just A Discovery Tool

      B2C marketing professionals in the financial services industry in Asia Pacific (AP) are active on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But many are novices in using social marketing to win,...

      • Downloads: 72
    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Brief: It's Time To Overhaul Your Customer Loyalty Program

      Dated Loyalty Programs Won't Help You Retain Chinese Customers

      After years of focusing on customer acquisition, Chinese companies have gotten very good at using frequent buyer programs to recruit customers. But while these firms' customer bases are growing...

      • Downloads: 138
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Detecting Cyberthreats With Fraud-Based Advanced Analytics Technology

      New Security Analytics Capabilities Will Replace Traditional SIEM, And Security Service Providers Will Lead The Adoption

      Security and risk (S&R) professionals know that cyberattacks are often the first step in the complex dance of credit card theft and the fraud that results. Cyberattacks take many forms and affect...

      • Downloads: 479
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:Crack The Content Marketing Code In Five Easy Steps

      Road Map: The Content Marketing Playbook

      Among marketing leaders, 86% admit that their content marketing is only somewhat effective — or less — at creating business value. At the same time, they concede that based on how...

      • Downloads: 311
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Global Tech Market Outlook 2012 To 2013

      Economic Weakness Will Slow, But Not, Stop Growth

      CIOs tracking broader tech market trends to see where their firms stand face a mixed picture, depending on their location. On a global basis, the European recession and weakening economic growth in...

      • Downloads: 1407
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Architecting Digital Business Transformation

      Australia Post's Customer Experience-Driven Enterprise Architecture Guides Pervasive Transformation

      Digital technology is transforming markets. Companies engaging in markets undergoing transformation are finding that their traditional products — and their product-centric mindset — no...

      • Downloads: 397
    • For B2C Marketing Professionals

      Report:The State Of Mobile Technology For Marketers, 2014

      Adoption of smartphones is skyrocketing around the globe. Sophistication of consumers' use of those smartphones is likewise climbing — without consumers even noticing it. Mobile is simply part...

      • Downloads: 1209
    • For CMO Professionals

      Report:Predictions 2014: B2C CMOs Embrace The Post-Digital Landscape

      The post-digital era is upon us — digital has tremendous impact but no longer lives in its own vacuum of marketing tactics. And this will be another year in which fast-paced technology adoption...

      • Downloads: 392
    • For Analyst Relations Professionals

      Report:Apply The Three Useful Archetypes Of Industry Analysts To Optimize Your AR Program

      While industry analyst relations (AR) professionals may feel as if every analyst poses a unique challenge, Forrester provides a model with which AR teams can classify analysts into three useful...

      • Downloads: 81
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Market Overview: Subscription And Recurring Billing Solutions 2012

      Few industries are immune from the digitization of experiences, content, services, and products. In this era of cloud computing and consumer mobile devices, today's digital products have evolved from...

      • Downloads: 801
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Meet Customers' Demands For Corporate Responsibility

      How The World's Leading Businesses Address Corporate Responsibility In The Age Of The Customer

      There are many reasons for companies to spend time and money to become more environmentally, socially, and economically responsible: They may save money by reducing resource requirements, they may...

      • Downloads: 78
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Digital Predator Or Digital Prey?

      Six BT Transformation Strategies To Energize Your Digital Business

      By 2020 every business will become a digital predator or digital prey — which will your company evolve into? The answer to this question lies in how well you, as the CIO, and the executives in...

      • Downloads: 240
    • For Analyst Relations Professionals

      Report:Influence Deeply By Mapping Your Company Onto Analyst Models

      Many industry analysts in large or highly specialized firms use models in the form of diagrams, categories, structured descriptions, and vocabularies to describe, evaluate, and recommend vendor...

      • Downloads: 127
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:The eCommerce Juggernaut Dominates Retail

      Landscape: The Retail eCommerce Playbook

      In the second chapter of the retail eCommerce playbook, we lay out the current state of eCommerce and the enormous trillion-dollar opportunity it will represent around the world by 2018. We discuss...

      • Downloads: 1667
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Technology Management In The Age Of The Customer

      Only Customer-Obsessed Enterprises Can Survive Disruption

      Empowered customers are disrupting every industry — and CIOs need to understand how technology management must adapt in this rapidly evolving world. This report outlines how the age of the...

      • Downloads: 1549
    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:It's Time To Take Your Data To Market

      Your Data May Have Tremendous Commercial Potential

      Data is exploding — some statistics claim 90% of the world's data has been generated in the past two years. This environment has resulted in companies starting to examine the commercial...

      • Downloads: 319
    • For B2B Marketing Professionals

      Report:What's On A Seller's Agenda?

      Your buyers have changed and there are some things you should know about them if you expect to get any money out of their wallets. If you are a sales, marketing, product, or other leader with...

      • Downloads: 148
    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Navigate The Future Of CRM In 2013

      The only source of competitive advantage is the one that can survive technology-fueled disruption: an obsession with understanding, connecting with, serving, and delighting customers. But as...

      • Downloads: 2847
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Brief: TM Forum Defines An Architecture Framework For Digital Business

      TM Forum Live 2014 Highlights Its Relevance To Enterprise Architecture

      The challenges that many industries are now facing with the transformation to digital business have been faced by the telco industry for many years. Nonprofit industry association TM Forum (formerly...

      • Downloads: 206
    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Personal Identity And Data Management Success Starts With Customer Understanding

      Processes: The Personal Identity And Data Management Playbook

      With the increase in high-profile data breaches and the recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settlements that hold Facebook, Google, and Twitter accountable to strict privacy audit guidelines,...

      • Downloads: 526
    • For CMO Professionals

      Report:Quick Take: Microsoft's Health Service Uses A Fitness Device To Build An Ecosystem

      Specific Marketers Should Develop Content, Apps, Or Experiences For The Microsoft Band

      Microsoft just announced Microsoft Band, a new wearable device backed by a health and wellness service platform that chief marketing officers (CMOs) should keep on their radar. Initially targeting...

      • Downloads: 123