Kevin Lucas

Senior Analyst serving Analyst Relations PROFESSIONALS

Kevin serves Analyst Relations (AR) Professionals. He is a leading expert on analyst relations and has designed Forrester's research program and the Forrester Industry Analyst Relations (FIAR) model that underpins it. The program addresses AR's strategic value and objectives while also providing best practices research and downloadable tools to help AR teams deliver that value.

Previous Work Experience

Before joining Forrester, Kevin was a director of analyst relations for Siebel Systems, working with European analysts across all of Siebel's product lines and with global responsibility for many of them. Previously, he was a research analyst at AMR Research, writing publications and delivering advisory services on CRM and software globalization. He previously held a number of roles within systems integration companies, culminating in a directorship; he focused on custom-built business applications and packaged implementations of CRM systems.

An accomplished public speaker, Kevin has delivered speeches at many events, including AMR Research's European conference, Forrester's IT Forum and AR Councils, and keynote speeches at the European CRM Forum and Cranfield & Ashridge Schools of Management. He has also facilitated sessions at the IT Director's Forum on business case preparation, vertical industry CRM, and security. Kevin has been widely quoted in the press, including such media outlets as IT Week and appearances on the Financial Times Business Edition and


Kevin has a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Bristol University.

Kevin Lucas's Research

  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Direct Industry Analyst Relations Toward Achievable Objectives

    A bewildering array of options besets industry analyst relations (AR) as it tries to identify the value it can bring to a high-tech supplier. A Forrester trends survey shows that AR professional...

    • Downloads: 488
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Target Industry Analyst Relations With Achievable Metrics

    Myriad options puzzle industry analyst relations (AR) professionals as they try to measure the value they bring to high-tech vendors and to deliver consistently against related targets. A Forres...

    • Downloads: 691
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Professional Industry Analyst Relations Measurement

    Professional measurement is an integral part of fully professional industry analyst relations (AR); it is not optional. But AR managers get confused about who the measurements are for, as well a...

    • Downloads: 686
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: AR's Graveyard: Unmet Sales Commitments

    The proportion of industry analyst relations (AR) people we survey and who commit to supporting sales has never been above 50% since 2007. And AR's not improving enough — it's performed poorly s...

    • Downloads: 331
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Forrester's Scorecard For AR And Direct Sales

    This self-assessment tool helps you review your current ability to support your company’s direct sales operation via your industry analyst relations (AR) program, analyze its weaknesses, a...

    • Downloads: 29
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Forge Valuable AR Programs With FIAR

    Analyst relations (AR) managers need to know how to prove the value of their AR programs. Unfortunately, many struggle because they didn't build plans to deliver business value, and they now rel...

    • Downloads: 1259
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Assess The Core Of Your Industry Analyst Relations Program

    AR managers get very little time to assess their AR programs because they're so busy executing on the next urgent priority. To help, Forrester has distilled AR best practices and developed a met...

    • Downloads: 1407
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Maximize Business And Career Value From Industry Analyst Relations

    Industry analyst relations (AR) is a profession. Done well, it delivers high business value. But vendors understand its value poorly and resource it likewise — they often run AR with untra...

    • Downloads: 673
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Industry Analyst Relations And Sales Support

    Industry analyst relations (AR) teams struggle to create and demonstrate their value to sales. Forrester has distilled AR best practices for support of a vendor's direct sales processes and deve...

    • Downloads: 729
  • For Analyst Relations Professionals

    Report: Choose The Optimal Type Of AR Program To Drive Your Firm's Business Results

    It's understandable that analyst relations (AR) newcomers think — or maybe just hope — that there's a one-size-fits-all AR program that they can apply to their companies. For example...

    • Downloads: 801
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