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Kill Your Data To Protect It From Cybercriminals

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    As cybercriminals have become more skillful and sophisticated, they have eroded the effectiveness of our traditional perimeter-based security controls. The constantly mutating threat landscape requires new defensive measures, one of which is the pervasive use of data encryption technologies. In the future, you will encrypt data — both in motion and at rest — by default. This data-centric approach to security is a much more effective way to keep up with determined cybercriminals. By encrypting, and thereby devaluing, your sensitive data, you can make cybercriminals bypass your networks and look for less robustly protected targets. Encryption will become a strategic cornerstone for security and risk (S&R) executives responsible for their organization's data security and privacy efforts. We designed this report to help you understand how to use encryption, tokenization, and other technologies to "kill your data."
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    • If They Can't Sell It, They Won't Steal It
    • Encryption Already Exists Throughout Today's Enterprise
    • You Don't Have To Be A Cryptographer To Use Encryption

      It's All About The Data
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