Laura Garvin Tramm

Data Scientist serving Customer Insights PROFESSIONALS

As a data scientist on the Forrester Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) team, Laura works with customer insights, marketing, and customer experience professionals to evaluate and improve their company's customer experience (CX) quality. She uses advanced data analysis and statistical modeling techniques to help clients prioritize the key drivers of CX quality that will have the most impact on customer loyalty and drive revenue growth. Laura also develops and analyzes custom surveys for clients leveraging the CX Index methodology. Her research explores the connections between CX, loyalty, and revenue. She focuses on how to transform these insights into actionable recommendations and identify the CX investments that contribute the most to delivering quality experiences to customers and driving customer loyalty and spend.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Forrester, Laura worked as a doctoral researcher at the Center for Early Childhood Research at the University of Chicago, where she conducted studies about young children's understanding of others' minds. She also served as a lecturer in the University of Chicago Psychology Department. Through her research, teaching engagements, and coursework, Laura became an expert at using advanced statistical techniques to communicate meaningful insights from data.


Laura earned an A.B. from Harvard University in psychology and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in psychology with a focus on the development of social cognition. Her doctoral thesis investigated young children's developing ability to use the statistical regularities in others' choices and decisions to make inferences about their enduring preferences.

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