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Lead-To-Revenue Management Transforms Tech Marketing

Tech Marketing Is Strategic When Revenue Is The Focus

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    Technology company boards and CEOs are demanding that marketing and sales teams stop pointing fingers when revenue falls short of goals and start working together to generate profitable revenue, realize targets, reduce sales and marketing expense, and build better businesses. Technology marketers must adapt to the new realities, where the traditional lead-generation focus, which emphasizes activity over outcome, won't cut it in today's results-oriented business environment. To begin working more efficiently and effectively with their sales counterparts, Forrester recommends a lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) model and approach that defines processes, goals, and service-level commitments spanning the entire marketing-through-sales process. When marketing, sales, and the CEO agree on a revenue management model, it becomes a powerful vehicle for focusing the marketing team on what's really important and demonstrating marketing's contribution to repeatable and predictable revenue.
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    • Marketing Must Make Revenue The Focal Point
    • Marketing Is More Critical In The Tech Industry . . .
    • . . . But Significant Hurdles Must Be Overcome
    • Revenue Relevance Requires A Broader Perspective

      Take A Leadership Position In The Revenue-Generation Process

      Tech Marketers Can Demonstrate Leadership Focused On Revenue
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