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Lean Software Is Agile, Fit-To-Purpose, And Efficient

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    Bloat kills. Whether it's excessive complexity in the application, its underlying platform or architecture, or the process used to deliver it, overloaded platform software and heavy processes impede delivery of the solutions the business demands. Yet most enterprises are awash in application suites, development tools, processes, and platforms that have grown so large they no longer resemble the clean and clear vision of their original purpose. Lean software is emerging as the antidote to bloatware, enabling architects and developers to rapidly assemble business solutions that deliver "just in time" the software capabilities the business requires both today and tomorrow. The trend toward lean software has been building for years, but the worldwide recession is accelerating it. All application development professionals should know why and how to incorporate lean software into their software strategies for the future.
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    • Software And Process Size And Complexity Impede Agile Solution Delivery
    • The Response: Lean Software
    • Leading Developers Are Driving The Lean Software Trend
    • The Tradeoffs And Risks Of Lean Software

      Make Lean Software Part Of Your Application And Platform Strategy

      A Community Approach, Not A New Powerhouse, Drives The Next Generation
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