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Leveraging Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, And Perception To Drive B2B Tech Success

Vendors Must Enhance Customers' Total Vendor Experience (TVE) In A Rapidly Changing Tech Industry

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    In the tech sector, 2009 was challenging. A down economy paired with high uncertainty in purchasing decisions made it particularly hard for strategists to defend their competitive position. Vendors focused on retaining and acquiring clients that in 2009 were becoming increasingly sophisticated and less loyal in their buying decisions. Forrester's total vendor experience (TVE) research focuses on the macro drivers of enterprise clients' experience to help vendors better understand how loyalty, satisfaction, and perception (in terms of brand and market positioning) interact. Overall, we found that vendors must put more emphasis on the soft factors in a client relationship and invest more in their brand to drive stronger differentiation and loyalty in the market.

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    • The Great Recession Put Tech Client Loyalty Under Pressure
    • Understanding The Key Drivers Of The TVE

      Brief Guidelines For Advancing Your TVE
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    • Models & Calculators:

      TVE Heat Maps By Client Role, Industry, And Company Revenue Size

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      TVE Results Reveal Opportunities For Vendors To Advance Their TVE

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      Overall TVE Results Show That There Is Still Much Potential For Vendors To Improve