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Lori Wizdo

VP, Principal Analyst

Sessions Featuring This Speaker

Forrester's Forum For Sales Enablement Professionals


  • 11:30 AM - 12:10 PM

    Finally, The Key To Sales And Marketing Alignment: The Customer

    B2B marketers get it. They know they must go beyond campaigns to engage customers with very specific, contextually relevant messages to connect with buyers in the early and middle stages of the buyer journey. Sales gets it. They know they must create a shared vision of buyer success with key goals and outcomes. Why do both fail so often? Buyer diversity makes it hard to pivot to buyer obsession at scale. In this session, Lori Wizdo, Principal Analyst, will discuss:

    • Why buyer journey mapping fails in practice for most B2B marketers.
    • How buyer journey pattern mapping helps you achieve buyer-centric engagement at scale.
    • A B2B go-to-market strategy framework that helps you calibrate marketing and sales effort to the buyer’s journey.

  • 08:30 AM - 10:00 AM

    Working Session: Putting It Together And Pulling It Off

    Your buyers demand a seamless experience as they progress through their buying process. This includes consuming content and knowledge from digital channels, your website, and your salespeople. In this session, you will be presented with a case study, and together we will develop a marketing and sales game plan that delivers a seamless experience to the customer.

    *On-site registration required

Research Focus

Lori serves B2B Marketing Professionals in all industries who must power up their processes, technology, and teams to achieve new customer acquisition and revenue and retention goals. She researches and advises on the core marketing operations of customer attraction, nurturing, conversion, and life-cycle value management. The research manifests in a holistic lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) approach that leverages the right strategy, tools, tactics, and budget to execute customer-insight-based go-to-market strategies and plans that span both digital and traditional channels. Lori also covers the marketing automation software that marketers can deploy to scale operations, manage with metrics, and maximize return on investment.

Previous Work Experience

Lori is an accomplished B2B marketing expert with over 30 years of experience in corporate, industry, and product marketing, demand management, and sales enablement roles. She has held senior sales and marketing positions with a diverse set of technology firms — from venture-backed startups to global corporations, including BMC Software, Xerox, NCR, and Unisys. Lori is a recognized industry thought leader. She is a frequent speaker at industry events, and her articles have been published in various journals including CIO, B2B Marketing, Customer Think, and Ad Age. Lori is also co-inventor of two patented business process methods for the enablement of knowledge communities.


Lori is a summa cum laude graduate of Pennsylvania State University.