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Mainframe Migration — Panacea Or Pandora's Box?

A Framework For Mainframe COBOL Migration And Rehosting Decisions

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    Business executives want to reduce the recurring costs of their application portfolios any way they can and use the savings to fund new business opportunities and counteract competitive threats. Conversations with Forrester clients through events, inquiry, and consulting are increasingly on the topic of mainframe migration. The catalyst for many of the conversations is a business executive advocating a sweep-the-floor platform migration to alleviate perceived high mainframe costs. Is mainframe migration a panacea for your organization or will it open Pandora's box? Use this framework to help you collect the information you need to make an objective decision.
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    • Business Change Prompts Scrutiny Of Application Platform Options
    • MIPS Rules Of Thumb Oversimplify A Complicated Question
    • Identify Your Options: Complete Migration Or Rehost?
    • Identify The Components You Need To Replace
    • Identify The Factors That Make Simple Rehosting More Complex
    • Beyond The Technical Bits: See The Whole Project, Decide Who Will Manage It
    • Filter Out The Bias Of These Platform Personas

      Don't Let Incomplete Answers And Naïve Decisions Threaten Your Career

      Rehosting Can Make Sense, But Recent Announcements Merit Consideration
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