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Make Customer-Facing BI Agile

Agile Methods Improve Customer Intelligence

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    Customer Intelligence (CI) is a subset of business intelligence (BI); CI and BI professionals share similar struggles, particularly when it comes to implementing applications that produce valuable, actionable analysis from enterprise and external customer data. Additionally, CI pros are especially challenged with traditional software development approaches, as many customer-facing business processes at best move at lightning speed and at worst are completely unpredictable. Therefore, CI pros stand to gain the most from adapting to changing business environments (untamed processes) that require greater flexibility and agility than traditional BI platforms and applications can provide. Using agile processes, technologies, and architectures, CI business process and BI pros can rapidly implement high-impact initiatives with as little reliance on IT as possible. The following report by Fatemeh Khatibloo provides advice and perspective on Agile CI organizational and process best practices and makes recommendations for next-generation Agile BI architecture and software.
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